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Download Tracker Installation steps for Dtracker ver 1.0

Latest version Dtracker ver 3.0 is now much more powerful and flexible

  1. Flexible Search
  2. Date Filter
  3. Export to CSV
  4. Subscribers list
  5. Statistics
  6. Email notification to Administrator
  7. Force Download
  8. Search, Filter and Statistis is built using latest tools Angular JS and Bootstrap integration making it powerful.

Features in detail

1. Download tracker requests can now be filtered by searching texts in the columns or/and search can be further drilled down using date filter.

2. Subscribers/Requesters list with search text and date filter.

3. Filter request/download statistics with search and date filter. By default admin will see total statistics.

4. Option to export searched/filtered records to CSV.

4. Option to email notification to Administrator when a user makes a request and downloads the file.

5. Option to Force download file so that user will not know the location of file.

Download Download Tracker 3.0

List of all Download Tracker releases

1. Introduction, Purchase and Installation of Download Tracker

2. Create Download Tracker link and make file download request

3. Download Tracker Configuration