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Joomla Track Download ver 2.0 (For Joomla ver 1.6,1.7 and 2.5)PHP-MySQL Simple Banner and Statistics Management

Joomla Track Download  ver 2.0 (For Joomla ver 3.x)
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Joomla Track Download ver 2.0 (For Joomla ver 3.x)

Price: $20.00

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The Download Tracker is a component that manages tracking downloads of brochures, documentation, setup files etc (ex: pdf, doc, els, exe etc) from your web page.

Download tracker has options for asking for Name and Email before downloading file. Logs info about the download request.

The download link can be emailed or shown soon after name and email is submitted. Administration control panel and more.

Download tracker is easy and straightforward to use with options to see download details, edit configuration and css.

- Easy and straightforward configuration.
- Simple pre form filling and option to edit css.
- Email download link or display download link in your website.
- Report with name, email, download request date/time, downloaded date time, IP address and file name.

New features
- Add/Edit/Change Additional Form fields apart from First name, last name and email address - Simple facility

  - option add/edit/delete additional textfield and textareas
  - option to set field(s) requried and change ordering of the field
  - option view the additional fields in the admins tracking records.

- Edit/Change Messages displayed on the submitted page - Both sucessful and unsucessful message

- Edit/Change Email format with option to add predefined tags for filename, username etc.

- Edit/Change Alerts on the download page.

- Export and Save Customer Data onto your Local Machine

Now you can create links faster using our plugin: EASY Install.

Please download the plugin

plg_downloadTracker with the component , install and publish it. Plugin automates link building. So you just need to provide the filename and filename with the tag as specified below in the article manager.

Syntax : just type {dtracker} filename : hyperlink title {/dtracker} in the editor, plugin will automatically convert tag to hyperlink.

Ex: {dtracker} portfolio.pdf : Download Portfolio {/dtracker} (Upload portfolio.pdf to the folder which you have configured in the download trackers admin panel)


1. Install Component.

2. Provide file uploaded path in the dtracker configuration. "trailing slash is must".

3. Install Plugin.

4. Enable Plugin

5. Then just add {dtracker} name_of_file.extension : link_caption {/dtracker}, link_caption will appear as link

6. when user clicks the link , he/she is redirected to a form with name and email, upon submission details are recorded, user is redirected to a thank you page with download link.

7. user downloads the file, and again record is updated for the download request.

Please visit for steps to install and configure component.

Support is included! Just post your queries @

Joomla Download Tracker ver 2.0 (For Joomla ver 3.x) (2,79 KB)